Ricky Trooper Speaks On Squash And Alkaline Beef, Call Dancehall Deejays Cowards

Image result for alkaline and squashRicky Trooper has labelled Dancehall superstars Squash and Alkaline as cowards while addressing their ongoing beef.

The veteran disk jockey has labelled the current crop of Dancehall artistes who are currently feuding within in the Dancehall space as a bunch of pathetic cowards.

According to Trooper, the current wave of Dancehall stars are nothing but ‘Instagram badmen,’ who are afraid of engaging in lyrical battles on stage to settle arguments of who is lyrically supreme.

“Mi naw talk wid Squash and Alkaline alone, seen. Look pon all di Masicka war dem, an all dem war deh a come dung. Anytime two a dem a beef and di time come now fi dem deh pon a show, is like dis yah man naw teck di show wid di next man; dem naw dweet. Dem a coward man,” Trooper said.

“Mi naw falla Alkaline war and Squash dem war right yah now; caw mi listen and I jus suck mi teeth because hear wah, mi like di Ninjaman dem suppm and Beenie Man and Bounty Killa. Mi no care weh dem want seh yuh nuh. Yuh si Beenie Man, and Bounty Kill dem sort a war deh… Di man dem coward. Dem just coward,” Trooper re-emphasized.

Image result for ricky trooperIn recent weeks the Dancehall scene has been dominated by the lyrical battle between Squash and Alkaline, with the two exchanging several diss tracks. The feud reached fever pitch when several videos were shared of fans threatening opposing camps with guns hit the internet.

However, according to Trooper there is little to be concerned about as it is all just for internet hype. He claims that these images are largely just to promote their clash songs, and neither artiste genuinely wants to hurt each.

Source: Ricky Trooper Speaks On Squash And Alkaline Beef, Call Dancehall Deejays Cowards – The Tropixs

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