Mr. Vegas Claims Dancehall Artistes Easily Manipulated By Politicians

Image result for mr. vegasInternational recording artiste Mr. Vegas and music producer Skatta Burrell had a good laugh on Wednesday night at the expense of several of their fellow dancehall entertainers, most of whom Vegas says are easily manipulated by Jamaican politicians.

According to Mr. Vegas, at the drop of a hat, Jamaican entertainers have become all too willing to make about-turns, change their tunes, and pander to the whims of politicians, many of whom do not even have the interest of the music at heart.

The two were chatting on Skatta’s live Instagram feed on Wednesday night when the Downsound executive ranted about the scant regard members of the Reggae/Dancehall fraternity had been paying to the incessant premature lockdown of Dancehall events in Kingston, by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). Music Selector Tony Matterhorn was the first entertainer to bear the brunt of Vegas’ jokes.

“Wah happen to Matterhorn and big mouth Foota and di res a people dem? Skatta asked Vegas.

“Nobody no want hear Matterhorn talk social commentary bredda,” was Vegas’ immediate response. “People want hear Matterhorn talk bout gyaal titty lang and all a dem something deh and which gyal pum-pum smell bad… you can’t go to Matterhorn fi social commentary bredda. Dem naw go teck him serious bro. No disrespect to him; a mi bedda (but) Matterhorn now come talk bout Government tings and social commentary, dem naw go teck dat serious bredda.”

He then turned his attention to Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel and Bounty Killer who recently went to Jamaica House to meet with Prime Minister Andrew Holness, after the leader invited them.

“Caw numba one, look pan di Cockpit Country. Di Cockpit Country, a likkle ting start and di people dem start, rile up and di people dem a go with it. Some artiste jump een and di artiste dem say ‘yeh man, no drilling inna di Cockpit Country’ and Prime Minista just sen fi dem and hug dem up ina some photo and it’s all good,” Vegas said, as he and Skatta burst out in laughter.

“Yow, di boss jus sen fi dem an go so: and put him arm roun dem neck and two smile and dem just calm dung and come so boom star,” he continued as he and the Calabar old boy burst out in another bout of laugher. “Yow, yo nat even see one more video a circulate bout Cockpit Country,” the Heads High singer added.

Vegas pointed out the rate at which artistes readily and willingly accepted bookings to perform at events which were staged by politicians, referencing a recent event in Portland as an example.

“Look pon di adda day, one a di Government official a keep a show a country, because two Government official a go up fi a Parliament seat, right? Yo no see say every artiste deh pon di show bredda?” Vegas asked.

“Every artiste run out. Big show,” a highly amused Skatta said in agreement. “And it all go way dung inna di morning tuh.”

“A daylight dah show deh lock off bredda. Which artiste you gonna have now to come and speak against them, when artiste a show up when these people have dem parade, dem campaign, dem road march, dem whateva? Right now, if a artiste have a hot song and di Govament call and say: ‘yow we want to use yo song’ and run a piece a money pon di artiste, di artiste gone Skatta, a me and you lef out a bush deh,” Vegas quipped.

Source: Mr. Vegas Claims Dancehall Artistes Easily Manipulated By Politicians – Urban Islandz

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