Mackrel New Dancehall Banger Endorsed By Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel has given Mackrel’s new single “A So Mi” his stamp of approval.

The “Worl Boss” has given the social media sensation his stamp of approval following the release of her latest track, which name dropped the deejay and his baby mother “Shorty.”

The Dancehall superstar gave the viral star his endorsement by reposting the track to his Instagram with the caption “Shorty wah kill u she hear say u f**k Addi?? Wul dem Mackerel & try offa di riches!!!! @lavasound mi HAFFI love #DANCEHALL @shaneo876_world_balla_

The post has attracted massive support from fans of the deejay, with over 87 thousand views and 1,500 comments. Several other entertainers including Spice and Jada Kingdom also showed support for the song in the comments.

Mackrel, who rose to prominence earlier this year following a series of viral videos, looks set to extend her lease on fame following the release of the new single.

Fans were left impressed by the social media star’s undeniable lyrical talent, with many claiming she could actually go a long way in the music industry.

“If dem nah chat me dem life nuh nice / mi see wow a try diss me she a nobody crack head from uppa f**k everybody / Shorty waan kill mi she hear mi f**k Addi / Whitney kill off herself because mi love bobby,” she spits in the track.

Mackrel initially appeared on the entertainment scene as somewhat of a parody of joke to many fans, following her gimmick of being able to “tek people man,” but seems to have changed that perception with the release of the track.

With the “Worl Boss” throwing his support behind the entertainer Dancehall fans are now hopeful that a collaboration could be on the horizon.

Source: Mackrel New Dancehall Banger Endorsed By Vybz Kartel – The Tropixs

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