I-Octane Wraps European Tour

Having spent his summer making stops in places like Berlin, Stockholm, Zurich, Napoli, Milan, and many others, dancehall-reggae artiste I-Octane has said that he has again witnessed people’s genuine love for music and that he is grateful.

“Europe was a great look. We had a great turnout almost every night. The thing about Europe is, the people on that side of the world genuinely love and ‘fulljoy’ our music. They don’t care about nothing but the music, really, so when they come out to see you, they want to hear and feel the authentic Jamaican vibe,” he said.

“Most artistes always make Europe look like a big, boring place when they go there, but I can tell you, for me, it’s always fun, especially seeing how much they love my new song, Plutocrat. Everytime the beat drop, di place go crazy,” I-Octane said.

The tour, which was put on by Conquer the globe Productions, in association with Gege Vibes Wendy Morgan (tour agents from Italy and the United States) and BlingBlangWork, saw Octane doing 12 shows across eight countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Sweden.

Image result for i-octane dancehallI-Octane took popular street deejay DJ Cardo of CD Fantasy sound with him on the road.

Now that he has wrapped up his European tour, I-Octane will turn his attention to North America, where he is slated to perform in the coming months.

Source: I-Octane wraps European tour | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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