Dancehall Fans Say Vybz Kartel Kids Ready To Carry On His Legacy

Image result for vybz kartel kidsVybz Kartel fans think his kids are now ready to carry on his legacy.

Vybz Kartel has remained the driving force of Dancehall music for the past 15 years, but according to fans his legacy will not be ending any time soon as the mantle will be carried on by his two sons Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi.

The two teenage sons of the incarcerated Dancehall superstar had fans talking earlier this week following the release of their latest single, “Skinny Jeans,” which many claimed is very reminiscent of their father’s lyrical genius.

The single, which has already amassed more than 134,000 views in its first week, has been labeled by many fans as the track that has announced the boy’s readiness to lead the new era of Dancehall.

Since the track’s release hundreds of fans have taken to social media to voice their opinion on the boys lyrical talent.

“Apple nuh fall far from the tree the legacy continues ‼️🔥Gaza💥,” one fan proudly proclaimed, while another commented “A di teacha son dem eno uno nuh think dem afi pass dem exam🔥🔥”

The sentiments of fans was also recently backed by a fellow Gaza member Sikka Rhymes who declared that the young deejays were more than ready to carry on their father’s legacy in the coming years.

Image result for vybz kartel kids“Di student dem pattern di ‘Teacha’, and remember seh a no normal training dem get from birth, enuh, a Gaza training. Dem been have di DNA since birth and TJ and Redboom guide dem inna recording so dem good,” he declared.

The deejay went on to reveal that although the “Worl Boss” has had limited contact with his sons due to his incarceration he fully supports their decision to embark on a musical career.

“Like any father would if their son follow in their footsteps, him feel great. Him nuh really gi dem nuh advice cause is not like him an dem can communicate. But what he definitely would love is for them to make their own name and move their own crowd,” the deejay said.

Source: Dancehall Fans Say Vybz Kartel Kids Ready To Carry On His Legacy – The Tropixs

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