Dancehall Cat Fight, Ishawna Fired Shots At Dovey Magnum Over “Juju Pu**y” Statement

Dancehall artiste Ishawna just posted a photo on her Instagram page firing major shots at “Bawl Out” singer Dovey Magnum.

The photo depicts an urban dictionary definition of the term P**y Juju, and it states, “When a female has both a yeast infection and is on her period at the same time. Characteristics often include bitchiness, itching a lot, and has a bad odor. With the following example: “Damn when I went down on that girl last night, she had some mad pu**y juju going on up in that shit.” The post was captioned, “I don’t know who need to hear this but… #WhatIsAJujuPussy #DatsWhyDemLoveUseDemMouthSuh.” This is an obvious stab at the Dovey Magnum who released a song back in June titled “JuJu” after which the term “JuJup***y” was coined. Many females added it to their Instagram name, and she began promoting it everywhere.

There has been a massive outpouring of comments on the post, and many fans are relishing in the drama.

“This kick out a whole heap a teeth all who fah Instagram name have in juju dead now / Never liked that name. Just sounded mad ratchet and VULGAR / Ouuu so you going there, hold on lemme grab my popcorn and turn the Tv down cause someone aguh #Bawlout / This a no little shot ino big gun shoot this lol / Hello? Calling for back up! Shots have been fired! I repeat! Back up! Shooootsss have been firrrrrreeed”

This shot at Dovey seems to be stemming from an event held on September 2nd in Bronx, New York, where both artists performed. Dovey posted a clip of her performance saying, “Bronx a mi bloodc**t place unuh affi know dat, nuh bi**h can’t come a mi place and take it, a wah do some bi**h, a right ya so mi grow/mi never f**k nobody fi get buss,mi never pay fi buss”.

The video was captioned, BRONX A MI PLACE NUH BITCHHHHHH Last night was crazy lit BAWLOUTNATION I LOVE YALL BX STAND TF UP Ps: mi leff mi gurgle Mi Did vex Yuh F**k WORK MI WORK WHEN MI GET BOOK MI NUH COME FE MOGGLEEE.” She later posted a second clip singing her new song “Femaleshella” and saying, “A wah the bloodcl**t do some big p***y gyal a wah do dem.” That post was captioned, “RUN up innA gyal Face #Femaleshella not even Drop yet And it A TEAR @trackstarrmusic #bawloutnation nuh Fear @troopatraloopa” She later posted a photo on her Instagram story stating the same, “Run up innA gyal face.”

Ishawna also posted a clip of her own performance with the caption, “Y’all been complaining that I don’t post my performances. There’s a reason for this, but I’ll try my best to do better promise. Anyway thanks, Bronx, it was #Catalog#Legendary #Ishawna.”

Many fans concluded that she took the show and had performed much better than Dovey. “A yuh alone move mi out ah mi spot last night, yuh come out pan dem / A suh gyal wehh sing fuvk song fi look…. dem nuffy look like hog inna bathsuit a bloodcl**t / Ishawna got multiple hits dovey is a one hit wonder ppl only know bawl out ….. she need to listen to walking dead .. don’t come for Ishawna / Neva hear nobody seh mek mi put on some dovey so idk enu,” one fan wrote.

The pair have history originating from 2018 when Dovey hosted a party in Jamaica during which Ishawna and Jada Kingdom were slated to perform. Both decided to not show up at the last minute, the reasons for which were highly questionable. Dovey was extremely disappointed over the matter and claimed to love and support both artists, and during her interview with Onstage TV, she gave details of the issue.

Jada Kingdom later responded to Dovey stating that the reason she canceled was not out of disrespect but the fact that she had issues with other persons at the event and did not want to be anywhere near them. You can check out both videos below.

Source: Dancehall Cat Fight, Ishawna Fired Shots At Dovey Magnum Over “Juju Pu**y” Statement – Urban Islandz

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