Dancehall Beef: Ishawna Vs Dovey Magnum, Jada Kingdom Joins

They say beef sells, and Dancehall females are definitely buying into it.

Over the weekend Dancehall fans were kept thoroughly entertained on social media as Ishawna and Dovey Magnum took shots at each other, with Jada Kingdom later joining the conversation.

The fracas all started after Ishawna took to Instagram to post a screenshot of the Urban Dictionary definition of “P***y Juju,” with the caption “I dont know who need to hear this but… WhatIsAJujuP***y #DatsWhyDemLoveUseDemMouthSuh.”

Fans immediately theorized that Ishawna was throwing shade towards the “Bawl Out” star, as she had previously released a track titled “Juju” and also promoted the phrase “juju p***y” among her fans.

It seems speculations were later confirmed as Dovey quickly clapped back the “Equal Rights” star, posting her own definition of the slang with the caption “B**chhhhhhes be Backwards ASF❗️ Better the hoe did hol on pon @footahypemusic And continue with a FOOT forward in life 🙄”

The spat would later take an interesting turn after another female act, Jada Kingdom, would also to join the mix by reposting Ishawna’s google search.

If fans were still in speculation if this was mere coincidence then they got confirmation after Ishawna proceeded to take another swipe at Dovey, only this time tagging her in a post.

“Before they were “Famous” 😩😩😩 A wha do hog inna bathsuit????” #BobGoblin @doveymagnum 😂😂😂,” She posted with a picture of a popular animated character.

The jab did not go unanswered for too long as Dovey clapped back at Ishawna once again by posting receipts of her very own search on Urban Dictionary.

However, Ishawna’s antics didn’t end there as she would go on to post another screenshot revealing that the Montego Bay born deejay had blocked her, with the caption “Bitches be bothered af!!!”

All three entertainers have had history originating from a 2018 spat where both Ishawna and Jada Kingdom failed to turn up for Dovey Magnum’s party in Jamaica.

Source: Dancehall Beef: Ishawna vs Dovey Magnum, Jada Kingdom Joins – The Tropixs

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