Alkaline Make ‘Death Announcement’ For Squash & The 6ix

Alkaline has made “Death Announcements” for his rival Squash and his entire 6ix crew.

On Friday night Dancehall fans were sent into a frenzy after Alkaline finally dropped his much-anticipated response to his rival Squash with a gritty new track titled “Death Announcements.”

Fans immediately took to social media after the Vendetta deejay launched a lyrical onslaught on the “6ix Boss” and his entire crew with the new track, which is produced by Tru Ambassador Music.

In the track, Alkaline takes aim at his rival with several devastating jabs including lines about the deejay’s mother and refering to Chronic Law as a “newbie.”

“P**y dem a chase shot go through them head space / them shudda never war with vendetta/ damn f**k boy force ripe/ py you wi get your throat slice,” he spits in the opening lines of the track.

Alkaline’s gritty lyrics was not the only eye-opener for many fans as the track’s cover art proved equally controversial, depicting a Death Announcement and Memorial article.

In the cover art, the “Formula” deejay proclaims the death of several members of the 6ix crew including Squash, who he refers to as “Turtle Neck,” his brother “Danny G,” Chronic Law who he labels as “Frog Face,” and “Shab Nyam.”

The deejay’s antics did not stop there as he also took to Instagram to upload a video clip of Squash’s mother saying, “Look pan me, just bury mi son. And unuh take mi one other son wah left Fi help me, wah else unuh fi do to me”.

Dancehall Fans are now eagerly awaiting a response from Squash and the 6ix crew as the lyrical battle heats up.

Listen to the track below.

Source: Alkaline Make ‘Death Announcements’ For Squash & The 6ix – The Tropixs

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