Alkaline Declares Squash’s Death In New Dancehall Banger “Death Announcement”

Alkaline declares Squash’s death in new diss track “Death Announcement.”

The dancehall community has been anxiously awaiting a response from the Manhimselff, Alkaline, to Squash, Leader of the 6IX’s never-ending slaughter and abuse. Squash has continued to take hits at Alkaline after releasing his own diss track, “Pinocchio” as a counteraction to Alkaline’s “State Of Emergency” He has been posting videos ridiculing the artiste and has even threatened to physically assault him. He also recently posted a video of Popcaan dissing Alkaline. Many persons began to speculate that Squash had won the war and Alka had gone into hiding.

However, Alkaline made it clear when he released a snippet of his new diss track less than 2 hours ago that he was not down for the count. Along with the track he released the cover art for the song and let’s just say he straight up declared that Squash is dead. The cover art is a depiction of a Death Announcement and Memorial article. The article contains the images for many ‘deceased’ people, most notably Squash who he refers to as “Turtle Neck” and Squash’s brother who he refers to as “Danny G” The article also contains the names, Shab Nyam and Frog Face. The post was captioned, manhimselff Death announcement fi di tixx dem Nyam uno mumma #69gang#dead#murder#recreation @jahvyambassador” His creativity for the artwork was highly praised.

The song itself however, is another story. He sings, “P***y dem a chase shot go through them head space / them shudda never war with vendetta/ damn f**k boy force ripe/ p***y you wi get your throat slice.” Many fans are very disappointed questioning if this is what they had to wait over a week for. Fans everywhere are stating that the track is weak and the artwork goes harder than the actual song. “A really this you tek 10 days fi write dawg, stop do music badman… squash flopp u career / Tell the world how you feel fi see yuh mumma and know the dawg dem a f**k it / F***ery Unuh A Chat Bout Dead That Weak Ute / Song is straight trash take you 6 days to write this smh / The cover art badda than the song.”

Alkaline also posted a video on his Instagram story of a slew of guns on a table while someone in the background states how they’re willing to kill Squash. The manhimselff also posted another video on his Instagram story of Squash’s mother saying, “Look pan me, just bury mi son. And unuh take mi one other son wah left Fi help me, wah else unuh fi do to me.”

Fans are now anticipating the comeback from the six boss, Squash.

Source: Alkaline Declares Squash’s Death in New Dancehall Banger “Death Announcement” – Urban Islandz

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