Alkaline And Squash At Lyrical Loggerheads

Ever since dancehall artiste Alkaline released his latest single, ‘ State of Emergency’, said to be aimed at 6ix lead man Squash, there have been questions about whether or not a Vendetta/6ixes lyrical war was brewing.

Squash’s latest single, Pinocchio, which was released on the weekend, was the first bit of confirmation.

Less subtle than his previous releases, Squash gets personal in his most recent track with the mention of Alkaline’s sister Kerry. He also makes reference to Alkaline’s State of Emergency, alleging that the Vendetta artiste is working with the police.

Squash also scoffed at Alkaline’s ‘turtle-neck’ label, handing out a nickname of his own by referring to Alkaline as ‘Squidward’.

Squash also urges Alkaline to ‘call names’ the next time he drops a track, seemingly moving the lyrical battle into the next round.

The call to action seemed to have been taken up by Alkaline. Although the deejay is yet to drop a diss track in response to Pinocchio, a post in the story section of his Instagram page yesterday, not only offered up confirmation that the two are at odds lyrically, but signalled that something may be in the works.

In the video, a white T-shirt bearing Squash’s name on the front and the ‘6ix is real’ slogan on the back, was set ablaze.

Alkaline’s face is not visible in the video but persons in the video can be heard saying, “torch dem out”.

Pinocchio is currently number one on the local YouTube trending list racking up well more than half a million views since its release.

Squash’s fans have been filling up the comments section under Alkaline’s posts with squid emojis begging him not to answer, as they believe he cannot come up with anything that will counteract Squash’s track.

But with State of Emergency still trending at number three on the YouTube list and racing towards a million views, Vendetta fans have been warning 6ix supporters not to underestimate Alkaline.

Source: Alkaline and Squash at lyrical loggerheads | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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