Aidonia Feels The Strain

Kush Inna Mi Brain, Hot Grabba, La La Land, and Day and Night are some of the songs Aidonia has recorded in tribute to ganja. It was little surprise when he was signed as brand ambassador for cannabis advocates, Epican, early this year.

Recently, Epican gave the ‘first draw’ of its new strains to the dancehall artiste and members of his 4th Generation crew. They sampled specially prepared packages of Afghan Skunk, Gelato, and Super Extra Skunk in the Smoke Room at Epican’s retail store, located at Marketplace in Kingston.

The company has to date produced 25 strains.

“I always say di herbs bring words, it’s a major part of di creative process for me. Helps me to wake up an’ be ‘Didi Don’, maintain that personality an’ jus’ deliver dat fire. Done know, if it’s a workday we have to have di best from Epican,” explained Aidonia

According to Jermaine Bibbons, head of marketing at Epican Medicinals: “One of the most important things for us is ingenuity. It certainly is a trademark of ours to be the first and the best. Gelato, Afghan Skunk and Super Skunk are all international strains, so it’s monumental for us to have that available here in the island.”

Source: Aidonia feels the strain

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