Squash Claps Back At Alkaline With Fire Diss Track “Pinocchio”

Alkaline Squash 6ix beefAfter Alkaline’s song “State Of Emergency” was released on Tuesday, many thought that Squash had met an untimely end. The Young Lawd dubbed the 6 Boss ‘Turtle Neck’ and also brought up the infamous death of his brother leading us all to believe that the leader of the 6ix would receive the same fate – musically that is.

It seems Squash had other plans and came out with an absolute banger! The track released today by The 6IX Boss is entitled “Pinocchio” and completely drags the Vendetta Boss through the mud! Finally it seems we have a lyrical competition that looks like it will go all the way.

“Yuh cyah war mi yah b**** man!” Squash kicks off his verse with a vengeance and makes reference to Alkaline’s cover art for “State Of Emergency.” Alkaline used a screenshot of a video from a crime scene in Montego Bay to signal his intent to create a “state of emergency” in music – much like the actual crime in Squash’s hometown created a year-long state of emergency that is still ongoing in the second city. Squash however spins his unique point of view on the choice of cover art and refers to Alkaline as an informer. Squash replied saying “Squidward yah informer, mi a tell yuh dat straight.”

“Yuh a work widdi fedz an a call dung state a emerge/ walk thru yuh place an di purge/ a broadcast di man dem crime scene an neva deh pon di works/ you a informer ya guh dirt ”

Anyone who doubted the 6IXX must at this point be raising their eyebrows. At no point during the heated three-minute-long track did Squash stop firing shots and most, if not all of his bullets connected; and the fans know it. One fan commented, “Alkaline career right off!! Hit like if the bwoy a informer.” It is clear that Squash has a formidable song and that he also answered many questions asked by the fans and even the Young Lawd in one swoop.

“Bout Elite, life delete / a you a try compete/ mi got di glock 40 wall cutter deh yah fi bun G/ mi know you a look a strength an everybody done seet”

The lyrics above show Squash laying waste to Alkaline’s ‘Elite Only’ theory which caused quite a stir upon its release. The 6ix Boss unsurprisingly couldn’t let such comments fly and capably defended his own. The particular line from Elite Only which sparked this response from Squash was “Dem anuh Boss dem a basket”. Simply because the 6IX Boss, Law Boss (Chronic Law) and the World Boss (Vybz Kartel) are related musically via the Gaza6IXX merger.

“Yuh nah kill nobody you a Pinocchio / lick p***y like dawg you a meow meow / mount a bwoy wah mi kill dat a never self-praise / mi a high offa yuh duppy like seh mi smoke grades.” The second verse of the diss song is very colorful. He went as far as to imply that his manager Heavy D was in sexual relations with Alkaline’s mother. In an almost comedic fashion, Squash says “Wah gwaan boss Heavy D? / yuh still a f–k Charmaine?”

It definitely seems like Squash is privy to some insider information dropping bits like “the don box yuh dung a Sandy Park/ p—-ole yu cya gimme talk,” for example, or “Bout dem rich and famous / gyal dem a Florida seh yuh touch dem anus, Ha ha.” Just like that we have a situation where Alkaline needs to reply urgently! One could say it has really become a ‘state of emergency.’

It is now safe to say the stage is set. Alkaline started it and now it’s clear Squash is ready for anything. The big question at this point is who won round one with State a Emergency vs Pinnochio? Well I am sure there will be arguments for both sides in that regard. It leaves us to also wonder how many soldiers will be recruited. Will Chronic Law or Mavado enter the battlefield? Will Vybz Kartel? If I’m sure of one thing it’s that all 6IXX fans would agree that “man (Alkaline) dead already an him nuh get nuh ute.

Source: Squash Claps Back At Alkaline With Fire Diss Track “Pinocchio” – Urban Islandz

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