Spice Ends Debate “I Am The Baddest Female Artist From Jamaica Right Now”

Image result for Music festival spice dancehallSpice is not concerned about the noise in the market unless its her screaming fans from sold out shows across the world.

The Queen of Dancehall just wrapped up another successful summer tour in Europe which saw her performing at an event in Paris, France, the Uppsala Reggae Festival in Sweden and the Rotterdam Music festival in The Netherlands where she closed the show.

Following her stint at The Rotterdam Music festival, Spice said she was proud of herself after fans begged for an encore following her one hour and 10 minute-long performance. “I closed Rotterdam Music festival last night and felt very proud of little little me,” she wrote. “I performed for one hour and 10 minutes onstage and when I came off this is all I heard “WE WANT SPICE, WE WANT SPICE ” I had to go back on stage again to give the people more 😩. ”

Spice said after that experience its now clear that she is the best female artiste from Jamaica currently in the music industry, “Let me just praise myself loud and clear for who have been whispering “I AM THE BADDEST FEMALE ARTIST FROM JAMAICA RIGHT NOW” AND NOBODY absolutely no one don’t try to tell me different #Borntodothis#QueenOfstage one of the BEST stage performer ever #Periodtttttt,” she added.

Spice’s statement was co-signed by veteran Dancehall entertainer Bounty Killer, “Hats off to that,” the WarLord wrote. “That stamp of approval with no removal.”

Source: Spice Ends Debate “I Am The Baddest Female Artist From Jamaica Right Now” | The Tropixs


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