Shenseea and Romeich Severing Dancehall Goals

Shenseea and her manager Romeich Major are the ultimate Dancehall goals.

The duo went viral earlier this month after video surfaced online showing them racing their luxury whips on the North-South  Leg of Highway 2000.

Shenseea and Romeich were heading back into Kingston from Dream Weekend 2019 in Negril and decided to rev out their engines – BTW Romeich won the race. –

Image result for Shenseea at the gymShenseea was racing in her brand new 2019 BMW X6 priced at  JMD $16 Million. The “ShenYeng Anthem” singer’s new whip is an upgrade from her neon green 3 series which she purchased over a year ago.

Watch Below.

Source: Shenseea and Romeich Severing Dancehall Goals | The Tropixs

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