Konshens Gets Called Out For Showcasing Gun In Shirtless Video

Dancehall artiste Konshens got males and females tongues wagging this morning after he posted a video of himself bare-chested in bed in his luxury apartment in Florida.

It was not just his sexy pectorals and sultry just-woke-up look that had some women taking a second look, it was also a black handgun lying on what seemed to be a nightstand. The alleged weapon appeared briefly at the bottom left of the screen as the camera pans across the room towards the balcony, for which Konshens had remotely opened the screens.

“Good morning. How we feeling about today? Ready to go kick todays ass?? Lets go! Whatever the struggle, financial, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical “COUNTER ATTACK IT NOW,” he captioned the post.

Image result for konshensScores of flirtatious women sent messages to the “Bruk off Yuh Back” artiste, asking him whether he wanted company, and complimented him on his looks and the apartment’s layout with the panoramic view. But some more observant persons appeared to immediately spot the handgun on which the camera lingers for about a second, before panning to the right.

“Am I the only one who saw that gun,” Pressed Celeste who appeared to be the first to post about the weapon asked, to which Empress Born responded: “Nope we all saw it. We were suppose to see it maybe,” indicating that the showing was not accidental.

But some of the men issued severe reprimands to the 34 year-old artiste, who hails from Sherlock Crescent in Kingston.

“Wah the gun fa? Wshy you a try setup you self G. Jus be careful. Remember simplicity we use to survive gm,” jahseno876 declared.

“Put ya f***ing bumbok***t gun away… teach di youth dem or nuh? Konshens or nuh conscience?” Holo Yaad, a vinyl collector, blasted.

But Natasha Campbell rose to defend the artiste, for whom she said the weapon was a necessity. “Yes that fi protect u self from them wicked people yah,” she said.

On the other hand, another Konshens defender nicky_clean_skin dismissed the artiste’s critics. “Ppl a comment bout the gun… u guy not even know if it’s a licence firearm… and it’s protection,” she stated.

Of course, some detractors chose to sing the “Ioctane refrain,” mocking the entertainer about his much-talked-about nose piercing.

“Even though you have yuh gun pon yuh mi still a seh badman nuh bore nose,” Raggah Vybz jeered.

“U nice still naa lie. But u bore nose a badda me,” meishaboo123 lamented.

Source: Konshens Gets Called Out For Showcasing Gun In Shirtless Video – Urban Islandz

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