I-Octane Doubles Down On Statement About Konshens Late Brother Delus

Dancehall/Reggae artiste I-Octane has doubled down on his disturbing statement related to Konshens’ late brother Delus.

The Hot Ras has been getting heat from social media users after he claimed Konshens sacrificed his brother.

Konshens later responded saying he thought the online exchange was all fun and games however it seems I-Octane was being serious all along. “Apparently a me alone did a laugh and him (I-Octane) did a take everything personal with real hatred behind it. To the point where my brother that passed away name get mentioned,” he wrote.

“I told my fans this was all fun and i would not let it get outta hand. So this is me stopping it from getting outta hand. Mi gone back over mi section and lowww fun and laughing ting wid ppl. I recommend, advise and appeal to unu fi do di same in regards to me. Blessing  to unnu and unnu famly and unnu career,” Konshens continued.

However I-Octane is not backing down, “All is fair in love and war,” the deejay wrote in response to Konshens. “Next thing what is joke to you is death to a next man.”

“When bore nose man (Konshens) a diss me and see mi sacrifice Banxx di wull a unu did a laugh, so why di rass unu a cry now? Yute stop trouble people pon the net and then come a act like you innocent a look sympathy,” he added.

View I-Octane’s response in the comments below.

Source: I-Octane Doubles Down On Statement About Konshens Late Brother Delus | The Tropixs

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