Dancehall’s Curvy Diva Getting Some Heat Again Over This Viral Photo

Yanique Curvy Diva is again facing criticisms from her Instagram followers, this time due to what they claim is her dirty tongue.

The comments came after the upcoming dancehall deejay posted a raunchy photo of herself scantily clad while leaning against a car with a hose in her right hand. She seemingly drinks water from the hose with her tongue outstretched. “Mi thirsty bad,” she captioned the pic. The photograph elicited a plethora of praises, but also a firestorm of negative comments from her critics, who claimed that based on the color of her tongue, she had an oral hygiene issue.

“Your tongue is not supposed to be looking white like that idk maybe it’s the editing it looks dirty; but nice picture tho,” life_is_goodblessed wrote while attracting a barrage of comments, most of which were in agreement.

“It’s the truth I tried to be nice but most of her fans will take this as a negative comment,” he further noted.

But a seemingly annoyed Yanique responded with a sharp, vexed comment:

@life_is_goodblessed cum deh pan it #okaytonguepolice#iswallow,” she retorted, resulting in some of her fans responding in glee at the response.

@yaniquecurvydiv dem deserve dat response blasted brite…it wud have been the last thing I look at on a picture like this,” chickles876 said.

Neverthelss the criticisms and insults continued unabated.

“I think a good tongue scraper would get that tongue looking pink again,” fullstopboss commented.

“Girl go brush yu tongue,” Charmaine Ottoway remarked.

“How some girl considered themselves hot gyal. And can’t even do the hot gyal dem basic to keep your tongue pink,” energymax273 said.

But tianmusic rose to the Bunx Pon It singer’s defense, claiming her critics were simply hell-bent on tearing her down for no apparent reason.

“Unuh need fi guh read bout different types of tongue on stop criticizing people , some a unuh mouth cleans like Monday morning school bathroom and unuh mouth stink…Yanique, uh look good, so they will always try to find something to bring you down beautiful and educated woman I love you as a person,” she said.

But Yanique could have been thirsty for real, as she noted in her post, or mildly dehydrated which may result in a slightly white-looking tongue. According to medical experts, it can also result from a buildup or coating of bacteria and debris on the surface of the tongue due to an illness or dryness of the mouth.

Consumption of spicy foods such as habanero and jalapeño peppers contain compounds in the peppers that are correlated with white tongue, likewise drinking copious amount of alcohol, use of certain medications, and smoking.

Source: Dancehall’s Curvy Diva Getting Some Heat Again Over This Viral Photo – Urban Islandz

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