Dancehall Veteran Foota Hype Diss 6ix Boss Tagged Beenie Then Quickly Regretted It

Foota Hype appears to have dissed the 6ix Boss squash when he posted a video tagging Beenie Man but then quickly regretted it.

Dancehall selector Foota Hype says he is not concerned about any backlash that may come at him, following a doctored video he posted this morning on Instagram, which appeared to be intended at hurting and embarrassing 6IX Boss Squash. The entertained promptly removed the video not long after, but not before many people had viewed it over and over. According to Foota, contrary to what fans are saying, it was not out of fear of evoking the ire of the 6IX, why he deleted the posts.

The video showed Squash in a small doorway, which was crowded with young men, seemingly at an event looking on. Squash steps back and ends up accidentally collides with another young man who was also standing behind him in the area. However, the video is put in slow motion, making it appear as though the “Trending” artiste was cozying up with the youngster for a long time. The footage is then spliced with a totally unrelated clip of Popcaan laughing and then another insert of a young man laughing and saying; “You a B***yman.”

Image result for squash dancehallAfter removing the offending post, Foota Hype later uploaded a video of Chronic Law of the 6IX performing on stage in Guys Hill in St. Catherine.

“Big up Chronic Law fi dah speech yah no bow cat thing round here. u a di realest 6ix u a 90’s no e10,” Foota captioned the post.

“Meck mi see di yout dem inna Guys hill weh naw put no bumpa to dem b*mboclaat forehead. You know wi out here wid no fear enuh. Wi no know weh some people a promote yuh nuh. Ishawna big up yoself but mi a murdera,’ Chronic Law had said in the video.

But followers on IG claimed that Foota, who has a history of labeling female artistes as gay, had messed with the wrong set of artistes today and was now in a tailspin and that the posting of the Chronic Law video was a means of damage control, in a bid to appease the 6IX.

Dancehall fans also made fun of the selector, claiming that he was forced to remove the offensive post, as he was likely roughed up by members of the Montego Bay-based 6IX camp.

“Lol, so weh di fuss video gone? Yuh nah demote no more, ya promote??? Datva 6ix?? Yuh confused bredda,” Superstar Shamiz wrote.

“Foota, eh look like the 6ix dem gi uh a serious page, yahh fi tek dun d video wid no question,” nicki_a.don teased.

Others like giving1995 said Foota nly posted the Chronic Law video because it put his ex-lover Ishawna in a bad light.

“U only post it bcuz him say IShawna name dutty bwoy,” she said.

Some fans demanded to know whether the selector was in his right mind.

“Foota Hype, u know mi big fan from morning but today it seems like something wrong with u, first u post up six in a uncomfortable situation and tag Beenie Man. Now u post up Chronic Law and take back down Squash u seems confused,” Sky Williams noted, to which Foota retorted: “Sky Williams, Chronic Law never in a di first video. Do di maths.”

But it was Gavin Blingaza’s comments which evoked the biggest display of bravado from Foota after he posted: “Foota Hype, coming like the 6 them page you dawg. Look how fast you tek down Squash diss video and a big up chronic Law di 6xxx is real.”

“Gavin Blingaza, no 6ix can’t page mi. One human being pon di island mi tek talk from,” the Calabar old boy responded.

Source: Dancehall Veteran Foota Hype Diss 6ix Boss Tagged Beenie Then Quickly Regretted It – Urban Islandz

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