Bounty Killer Says “One General” In Dancehall

Bounty Killer liveOne of dancehall’s most celebrated legends of all time Bounty Killer drops an autobiographical song, One General. His influence in Jamaica ever since he attacked the music scene is unparalleled, and some may even say that his contribution to dancehall can be surpassed by none.

One general starts his story by saying, “1972 Witnessed The Birth Of A Great/ Callaloo Bed, Riverton, Seaview That a Mi Place.” The 5 star details his journey from his birth 1972 until he got his first hit song with King Jammy’s with his song ” Copper Shot.”

Bounty as if in the Delorean continues through the time machine. He cataloged his clash with Beenie Man in 1993, implying the outcome by stating “93 di biggest clash / People dead suh doh figot.” He easily claimed the bragging rights for one of dancehall’s more memorable moments.

It wasn’t all about music either; the “Poor People Fed Up” deejay also notes his philanthropic efforts and achievements since his rise to stardom in the early ’90s. He says “Bounty Foundation gives back to the less fortunate” a fact which many Jamaicans can attest.

Bounty Killer has always stood for what he believed in especially when it comes to issues concerning the Jamaican Family. As seen with his heavy involvement in trying to save the Cockpit Country ( An environmental jewel) from mining, spearheading a petition as well as being vocal about the matter in interviews and also on his social media.

His involvement in the protests against mining the Cockpit Country has brought mass awareness to the issue, further showing the influence of the veteran deejay.

His claim to fame cannot be debated or questioned. Killer is known for many things, which include being one of dancehall’s living legends. Bounty Killer is immovable in Jamaican music and culture, A stalwart in philanthropy, environmental warrior and last but not least Dancehalls 5 Star General AKA “One General.”

Check the new banger “One General,” Kaboom!

Source: Bounty Killer Says “One General” In Dancehall – Urban Islandz

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