6ixes Dominate Local YouTube Trending List

Image result for daddy 1If there is any question about whether the ‘6ix is real’, artiste manager Heavy D says the recent trending list on YouTube has provided the answer.

Three of the top five videos now trending in Jamaica come from the MoBay-based camp.

Videos from Daddy 1, Squash, and Chronic Law currently hold the number one, two, and five spots, respectively, on the popular YouTube list.

Heavy D says that it is a testament to the group’s grip on dancehall and says the reign won’t end soon.

“The 6ix is real, man. Once yuh see a man continuously a put out good music, dem thing yah a go happen. Is not one-day good songs dem yute yah have. Daddy 1 alone put out four hit songs. A di first me see a new artiste do dat. I know what is a hit and I’ve never seen that before,” he said. “From day one, we know dem yute yah have it and dem a prove demself. This definitely a send a strong message to dancehall.”

Daddy 1’s video for his song Custom was uploaded to YouTube approximately one week ago and has already amassed close to half a million views.

Image result for chronic lawSquash’s video for his song, Bulla Head, which was released less than a week ago, has garnered more than 200,000 views while Chronic Law’s video for his track, Friendship, is racking up close to 240,000 views.

Heavy D says that as a collective, the group is doing well, but says that individually, each member has a strong career.

“Dem a get call for everything. Dem a di best part a dancehall right now whether people like it or not,” he said. “Everybody have dem time. King Yellowman had his time, King Beenie Man had his time, and Kartel when him just buss, me did know a go be very big. Yuh have other yutes coming in dancehall as well, innu. Is not like is dem alone. But, right now, a just the 6ix’s time. And yuh see Squash, a him a go be the new king whether dem like it or not. The kind of music him a put out, a him a it.”

Image result for squash dancehall;;Speaking on the issue of ‘buying views’, Heavy D said that was not the case with his team as the trending list could not be bought.

He explained that while YouTube views may not be a true reflection of the buzz a video is creating, the trending list is set up to reflect exactly what videos viewers are taking an interest in.

Source: | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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