Squash Breaks Silence On Gun Video & Police Investigation

Squash is livid over his viral gun video.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force are currently conducting a probe into the authenticity and origin of a footage circulating online that purportedly shows the Montego Bay-based Dancehall entertainer handling a firearm with a special drum magazine.

However Squash says the footage that is currently making rounds on social media was actually recorded earlier this year while he was in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and not Jamaica despite online reports.

“I am an entertainer that do dancehall music not only for Jamaica but all over the world. Entertainers use guns for videos; they use it for music videos and movies and other purpose. I never commit nuh crime and that was not in Jamaica,” the deejay said.

Image result for DANCEHALL Squash“Why we as black people when we see another black brother ah rise dem always waan try fi bring them down? And unuh fi change unuh ways bredrin. Why unuh love negativity suh? Why unuh nuh broadcast that video that seh Port of Spain? Why unuh block it out?” he asked. “Wah ever unuh do, unuh nah guh get me down. Me still a guh live me life clean because me is not a gunman and I’m not committing any crime; I am doing music,” he continued.

Squash is currently preparing for his highly anticipated Reggae Sumfest debut.

Image result for DANCEHALL SquashThe “Money Fever” deejay and his 6ix camp will be closing Dancehall night on July 19. Squash deejay alongside Chronic Law, Jahvillani, Shane E and Unknown Gringo will bring down the curtains inside the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex.

Source: Squash Breaks Silence On Gun Video & Police Investigation | The Tropixs

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