Sean Paul At Glastonbury: 5 Things We Learned From His Set

Image result for Sean Paul At GlastonburySean Paul has still got it.

His track record of producing a multitude of classics, his ability to whip up a crowd into a frenzy and that voice means that he will continue to be a success in years to come.

The Jamaican put on a stunning show at the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday night (June 29).

So what did we learn from his set?

1) He has produced banger after banger after banger!

In a 75-minute set, it is remarkable just how many top tunes Sean Paul has come up with.

For the best part of two decades, he has churned out hit after hit after hit.

They include ‘She doesn’t mind’, ‘We be burning’, ‘Temperature’, ‘Cheap Thrills’, ‘Got 2 Luv U’, ‘Shake that thing’ and much, much more.

To most casual fans, you may recall a few of these but then you recognize one and then another and it keeps on going. Long may it continue.

Image result for Sean Paul At Glastonbury2) He knows how to work the crowd

Naturally, when you have so many catchy hits, the crowd laps it up and gives back to the performer.

But Sean Paul goes further than that.

Sometimes it is the little things, such as putting the lyrics of some of his songs on the huge wall behind him.

Or getting everybody to jump around, asking for more from the crowd and getting them to sing it back to him – he does it all.

Right from the get-go, the crowd was locked in, loving the show and he never relinquished that. Whatever he did, they lapped up.

Image result for Sean Paul At Glastonbury3) It was a great spectacle

The set was a very colourful and loud one, the sound quality was superb and the dancers were whipping up the crowd well.

The use of old music videos for the songs he has done over the years showed just how much he has changed over the years.

But at 46, he is still as energetic as ever. He was clearly loving it too.

He was running around the stage, jumping up and down and paying tribute, on many occasions, to ‘all the beautiful girls out there’.

Image result for Sean Paul At Glastonbury4) That voice

Sean Paul has one of the most distinctive voices in music.

There really is none like it.

And on Saturday (June 29) it cut through the arena beautifully. He sounded great, the audience loved every minute of it and he was clearly loving it too.

Let’s hope that voice never dies.

Near-deafening noise from the huge Sean Paul crowd

Image result for Sean Paul At Glastonbury5) The place was packed

The John Peel Stage is one of the biggest at Glastonbury Festival, but it was not big enough to fit everyone in it for this set.

People were not able to get inside the tent, that’s how packed it was.

In some cases, people stretched a good 20-30m outside of the venue itself.

And why not? When the show is that good, you have to go.

Source: Sean Paul at Glastonbury: 5 things we learned from his set – Somerset Live

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