Minaj Strolls Down Main Street

Megatron , the hit song from rapper Nicki Minaj, samples the popular Filthy rhythm, produced by Danny Browne and released by Juvenile Records in 1997.

“The sample was authorised. After I was contacted by Nicki’s people, they worked it out with my publisher UMG,” Browne confirmed in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

Megatron is Nicki Minaj’s first solo effort this year. Released on June 21 by Cash Money/Young Money/Republic Records, it peaked at number 20 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100, number 11 on that publication’s R&B Hip Hop Songs Chart, number 34 in the United Kingdom, and number 14 on the Rolling Stone Hot 100.

It is also on charts in Scotland, Australia, Canada, Hungary, and New Zealand.

The Filthy rhythm drove a number of hit songs by artistes associated with Main Street Records, Browne’s former label. They included Heads High by Mr Vegas, Breeze Off (Lady Saw), Tek it Easy (Buccaneer), Traffic Blocking (General Degree) and She Nuh Ready Yet by Spragga Benz.

A remixed version of the beat with Beenie Man’s Let Him Go was released in early 1998.

Browne, who became a Christian in the late 1990s, had remarkable success at Main Street Records where the main acts were Richie Stephens, Junior Tucker, Buccaneer, Goofy, Red Rat, Hawkeye, and Chrissy D.

Image result for Nicki MinajNicki Minaj is the latest pop act to sample the label’s work. In 2017, Privacy by Chris Brown sampled Tight Up Skirt, a 1997 hit song by Red Rat.

Browne’s conversion to Christianity effectively ended Main Street Records 15 years ago. Among the hit songs produced by the label were Red Rat’s Shelly-Ann, Buccaneer’s Bruk Out, Goofy’s Brush You Teeth, Arrest Mi Officer by Hawkeye and General Degree’s Hold You Tonight and Granny .

Browne was a co-founder of the Bloodfire Posse band and a reputed session guitarist prior to Main Street Records. He is still involved in the music industry but focuses on gospel, producing songs by Prodigal Son, DJ Nicholas and Jason Mighty.

Source: Minaj strolls down Main Street

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