Love & Hip Hop ATL: Spice Says Size Matter Talks Being In Love With Her New Man

Image result for spice at sumfest 2019Popular vlogger Dutty Berry caught up with Dancehall queen Spice backstage at the 2019 Reggae Sumfest Dancehall night event. The interviewer came prepared to talk about it all from Spice’s relationship status to her ideal length for her partner’s genitalia.

The Sumfest regular who was fresh off the stage was asked about her new talk “Me? Me love my man” and whether this man was real or imaginary, Spice’s response was equally hilarious when she said “No, mi good good man. How yu mean imaginary? Me have a nice clean man wah mi love.”

Image result for spice at sumfest 2019It is sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction with this Love and Hip Hop star as she often jests with glib responses. Spice was then asked about a music and video collaboration with Dexta Daps following her raunchy performance with the “No Underwear” singer on stage recently. She said, “No, memba mi tell yu seh me love my man so mi nuh know how da video deh woulda work out cause it woulda too sexy and mi nuh wah lose my man”. Okay Spice, we believe you.

The “Gum” deejay also appeared to be in full agreement with friend Pamputae about the 8 inches minimum rule that was implied in the popular song “Ride It.” Spice told Berry, “By the way, I know you’re 8 though. I can tell by your fingers; you have very tall fingers.” The interviewer became visibly flustered and seemed overwhelmed by Spice’s observation which the Dancehall artiste found quite amusing.

During another segment of the interview, Spice was asked to describe certain hot topics with one word. Perhaps one of the funniest parts of the exchange was when she was asked about the D’angel moment to which she asked “Who?” Ouch. Shade thrown and caught, Spice.

The Queen of the stage will be celebrating her birthday on August 5 at Mass Camp, and all fans are invited. Get there early as no tickets will be sold and entrances will be denied when the venue is at its full capacity.

Source: Love & Hip Hop ATL: Spice Says Size Matter Talks Being In Love With Her New Man – Urban Islandz

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