Five Questions With Squash

Twenty-seven-year-old André Whittaker, more popularly known as Squash, is poised to become one of the biggest dancehall stars of his generation. The entertainer is a member of the 6ixes, the new dancehall group currently dominating the local music space. He is booked to make his Reggae Sumfest debut in approximately two weeks and is expected to do so in style when he and his colleagues close the curtains on Night One of the festival’s 27th staging.

But apart from his music and the fact he has had some run-ins with the law, not much is known about Squash. Here’s hoping that will change as we feature the artiste in this week’s edition of Five Questions With … .

1. Who is Squash?

Squash is André Whittaker – a cool, easy-going person.

2. What is the biggest misconception people have of you?

Me nuh really listen to people, innu. Heavy D (his manager), yuh hear the things dem, so you can better answer this one.

Heavy D: The kind a songs weh him sing and the way him look, people always think say he’s an aggressor, but, really and truly, he’s the one weh always beg peace. Him will defend weh him affi defend, but he’s not an aggressor. Him nah go pick nuh argument.

3. How many children do you have?

I have three kids, different women. Me get one daughter and two sons. I want to make it six, but not with six different women. Hopefully, I can find someone to settle down with. My daughter is six (laughs). Me love me kids dem bad.

4. Where’s your all-time favourite chill spot?

Inna mi house (laughs). Me a tell yuh, I swear to God. That’s where I feel most comfortable. Nuff people wouldn’t think that, but that’s my favourite place. Me nuh really love the road. If me nuh have a show or supmn, me nuh touch road. Me love inna my house.

5. People associate the 6ixes with demonic activities. Do you believe in God, and what do you make of those comments about the group’s alleged satanic association?

Of course, me believe inna God. Dem people deh arite innu because me say ‘6ix’, not ‘666’. A one 6ix me say, so dat a fi dem business weh dem wah believe.


Do you have a girlfriend, or are you single?

Me nah set up miself (laughs). Me ago tell unu di truth. Mi single and free. Number one thing I look for in a female is loyalty. She nuh affi be pretty-pretty fi mi love her, she just affi have dat – loyalty.

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