Dancehall’s Bad Gyal Ce’Cile Pens Children’s Book

CeCileCe’Cile is now a book author.

Dancehall’s Bad Gyal Ce’Cile has added another title under her belt, this time that of children’s author. The Mandeville homegirl said the idea to author the children’s book titled “Oceana Adventures of a Jamaican Mermaid” which was published in 2018, sprung from a conversation she had in 2016 with her friend Kasandra Henry, who expressed grave concern that there was poor representation of black children in storybooks, cartoons and other children’s paraphernalia in Jamaica.

“In 2016 my friend Kasi started doing kids parties and after two parties for Nana (Ce’Cile’s daughter) – 1 Frozen & 1 Ariel – she mentioned to me how hard it was to find realistic characters in Jamaica. She also said she wanted her own mermaid since none of the characters the kids liked looked like them. That’s how the idea of “Oceana” was born. I wrote the first book in 2018 and got it accepted by Barnes and Nobles to be printed. I wrote this to say we saw the importance of kids being able to have characters that look like them,” Ce’Cile said.

So Ce’Cile was light years ahead of Disney, which recently decided to cast African American singer/actress, Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid in the movie of the said name, a topic which is now dominating global news, a fact not lost on her fan rasslove.

“Somehow Jamaica is always ahead of its time in a lot of things,” he wrote in response to Ce’Cile’s post. The granddaughter of the late former Mandeville Mayor Cecil Charlton sought to show the world that her concept was no fluke, and also posted a snapshot of the preface page which clearly shows “©2018 Cecile Charlton, Oceana Adventures of a Jamaican Mermaid; All Rights Reserved.

“I’m sure some of you have seen Nana in her T-shirt line on her page but probably didn’t realize it was a little dark skinned mermaid. After seeing the uproar over the idea to cast Hailey Berry as the new Ariel I’m convinced more than ever that WE HAVE TO PUSH OUR OWN. Our kids need to see themselves on the things they wear, on the things they eat, on the characters they watch, we have to start teaching them from now the importance of culture, race, country, etc,” the 43 year old star said.

In describing the main character in the book, Ce’Cile stated: “Oceana” is Jamaican, she is from the waters in St Thomas, she loves reggae music, and she will be available soon. Just look at her! Ain’t she refreshing? She will also be on swim caps and swimsuits designed by Nana soon. Plus one bag a other #goodtingzdem #jamaica #blackmatters #demcancussalldemwant #blackisbeautiful .”

Her female fans, particularly moms, could not contain their excitement about the Afrocentric idea behind the book and Ce’Cile’s new trajectory into becoming a children’s novelist.

“Omg, this is great!!Is the book available in JA yet? (you mentioned Barnes and Nobles). Also, I highly recommend a ‘baby’ version (printed as a board book, more colours and less words but in bold print and more rhymes like splish and splash, dip and fall back). Also Ce’Cile, why not do a soundtrack around the theme? Disney could love it and bam, your soundtrack could be attached to their movie. This movie creating massive waves that you and Nana can capitalize on. Oh Ce’Cile, I’m so excited about this book and mi nuh read it yet,” shamara_f_west wrote.

“Boy girl ur Father lives in you wow!!! He would be very proud of his grandbaby a man of true vision. I see he pass that on to you. congrats,” customiz53, another fan said.

Source: Dancehall’s Bad Gyal Ce’Cile Pens Children’s Book – Urban Islandz

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