Carlene Brings Vegas Type Dancehall Style To Bumpaz – Daughter Crystal Now Part Of Management Team

A perennial ambassador for the culture, Dancehall Queen Carlene is rearing to reveal her next venture.

With the promise to deliver service and entertainment that is ‘sexy without apology’, the sex symbol will open dancehall’s newest hot spot, Bumpaz, at the House of Dancehall next Saturday.

Carrying on the legacy of her sensual performances, there are plans for themed events supported by risque fashion.

Also offering support is Krystal Davis, offspring of Carlene and Beenie Man.

Now 20, Davis graduated from high school and has been accepted to pursue a degree in business administration at the University of the West Indies.

While balancing those studies, she will also be part of Bumpaz’s management team.

While not sporting the fashion her mom flaunted years ago, Davis will be instrumental in the venue’s day-to-day operations.

Image result for dancehall queen carlene“She’s part of the team, and it has nothing to do with entertainment – just the business segment. She will be putting events together, making sure things are in order, whatever it takes to keep it alive as a business. She knows the difference between the business of dancehall and the performance – and she’s always loved the idea of presenting dancehall,” Carlene shared.

Carlene, Bumpaz’s premier ambassador, shared that this new venture’s theme will align with the attitude she has carried since her crowning as dancehall queen.

“We believe in the right of all adult women to flaunt their sexiness, if they so desire. I have never been apologetic for me being sexy when I was 17 and I’m not gonna do it now when I’m in my 40s. We have nothing to apologise for,” she said. “We like b****riders and p**-p** shorts and we like to wine up our bodies. While Jamaicans were criticising us, foreigners took over our culture – often exploiting it. So now I am back with the next generation of sexy girls to reclaim it. I am on a mission to bring sexy back to dancehall.”

Movie buffs may recall the movie Coyote Ugly – a film filled to the brim with alcohol slinging, sexy bartenders dancing on the counter top.

Bumpaz, according to Carlene, will be something like that but done to dancehall.

Image result for dancehall queen carlene“It’s going to be tastefully sexy. So we have a sexy themed bar where there is vibes, hot girls serving patrons, sensual dance routines, contests that rewards women for their sexuality and good clean fun,” she said. “We might have a ‘best bumpa’ night or a wet T-shirt night. It will be like Las Vegas but Jamaican dancehall style.”

Source: Carlene brings Vegas type dancehall style to Bumpaz – Daughter Crystal now part of management team | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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