Tony Matterhorn Pens Single For ‘Goddesses’

Popular selector and dancehall artiste Tony Matterhorn is expecting his first child with wife Bella next month. It is no secret that the mother of his child is the love of his life, but in case it flew over the heads of some, the deejay recently released a song dedicated to her.

The song, titled Goddess, was released on Monday and has been doing fairly well. The entertainer is now dedicating the song to all women, whom he says are not shown enough appreciation.

Image result for tony matterhorn and bellaThe entertainer, who performed the track during their baby shower recently, said that having seen up close how having a good woman in one’s life can have a positive impact, he wanted to celebrate those females.

“The song is for all the lovely ladies of the world who are goddesses in their own right. It is to show our appreciation for all that you are to us and to this world,” Matterhorn said.

“I started with my wife because she’s everything to me, and I wanted to show it in a different way. Women nowadays aren’t being complimented enough for their beauty and the joy they bring to a man, so this track just sums it up.”

Image result for tony matterhorn and bellaThe song was written and produced by the multitalented entertainer and is available for purchase on all digital music platforms. Matterhorn said that even though the song is just a few days old, it has been getting a lot of love, especially from women.

“Since it came out, a lot of women have reached out to tell me they love it. They are happy that a man like me can sing a song like this,” he said. “They love the fact that the song speaks about them in a very positive way, and they are grateful that someone sees their worth and is celebrating it.”

Source: Tony Matterhorn pens single for ‘goddesses’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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