Shenseea Shed Tears While Attending Her Son’s First Graduation

Shenseea’s son, Rajeiro Lee, is growing up so fast right before our eyes.

The dancehall diva was a proud mommy at her son’s Rajeiro’s first graduation earlier this week at the Building Blocks preschool in Kingston, Jamaica. The “Blessed” dancehall deejay is a single mom and has never been shy in talking about juggling her career as a dancehall artist and being the sole caregiver for her son. Since ShenYeng started working with Romeich, he has taken a keen interest in Raj’s life. The artist manager has pretty much taken on the role of a father figure, and Shenseea ever so often shows her appreciation.

Sources told Urban Islandz that Romeich, “was not in attendance at the graduation due to business travel, he tried to make it but returned a bit too late.” The proud single mom was not the only person who took to Instagram to share videos and photos. Romeich also shared a photo with comments stating “papa @rajeiro_lee in his suit made by @romeichwear boy sharpe like me enuh.”

Sources told us that one point Shenseea became teary eyed seeing her son graduating and growing up. “There is nothing like a mother’s love for her son and Shenseea love her baby boy more than life itself, just seeing her tear up and dropping everything she got going on to be there says a lot,” sources said.

Shenseea penned a lengthy piece on Father’s Day thanking Romeich for what he has done for her and her son over the past few years. “I started working with @romeichentertainment when my boy was 3 months,” she wrote. “Sometimes I wouldn’t have anyone to watch him even though I had work but Romeich or his secretaries would always keep an eye on him when I’m in the next room working my ass off recording and writing my songs til he deadass went and buy a play pen and put in his office so whenever Raj would have to come to work with me, he’d be occupied and happy!”

Congratulations to Rajeiro and great job to Shenseea.

Source: Shenseea Shed Tears While Attending Her Son’s First Graduation – Urban Islandz

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