Romeich Claps Back At Fans Questioning His Love For Shensee’s Son


Shenseea son RomeichRomeich recently posted a video letting fans know only positive comments are welcomed on his page.

The Romeich Wear business owner then went on to whoever was being negative on his page will be blocked. These statements that sparked the reaction from Romeich are understandable ( from a fans point of view). From observation, fans claimed they always see Romeich with Shenseea’s son and not his own. Some fans are even questioning if his love for her son is genuine or just for clout.

Image result for shenseeaI, for one, has only seen his son once, and that was on Father’s Day, and I have seen him Shensee’s son quite frequently. But that does not mean that he doesn’t love or spend time with his son. Maybe he just doesn’t like to do it in the Public Eye. I urge all fans to remember that famous people are normal human beings with likes, especially when it comes on to exposing family members to the media.

I don’t doubt that Romeich loves his son and you shouldn’t either. There is nothing that suggests that he is not as involved in his son’s life versus the son of Shenseea’s life. Get on with it people!


Source: Romeich Claps Back At Fans Questioning His Love For Shensee’s Son – Urban Islandz

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