Miss Chin Fires Back At Shauna Controlla – Says Entertainer Should Stop Trying To ‘Look A Hype’ By Calling Her Name

Up-and-coming dancehall artiste Miss Chin wants Shauna Controlla (formerly Shauna Chyn) to avoid making any references to her in future interviews or live appearances.

Chin, the former flame of dancehall artiste KipRich, says Shauna has been trying to ‘draw her out’ for some time now and she has refused to entertain any confrontation until now.

She believes that with Shauna booked to make her debut appearance on Sumfest next month, she is hoping to go into the live performance with a bang.

But Chin says starting a beef with her is not the way.

“Shauna Chyn or whatever she name now, a look a hype fi go a Sumfest. She nah no career and she want a buzz. She know say Miss Chin will answer her and things easily go viral these days. She a go Sumfest wid her flop self and her flop song dem and she want a buzz,” she said. “If you a di STAR of the Month, you fi have things fi talk say, yuh nuh affi use my name. It clear say yuh nuh relevant because a my name yuh call. Yuh never answer me last year so how yuh find time now?”

In a STAR article yesterday, Shauna spoke of fans trying to stir a dispute with Miss Chin last year after the latter claimed sole rights to the name ‘Chin’.

Shauna said that the two were always cordial, and that Chin would always greet her and even offered to do her nails.

She said that after that offer was turned down, Chin “get corrupt”.

“She say me lef message a gas station and all these places. Me nuh do first hail so there’s no way me coulda hail her. She a say me get corrupt. Weh me coulda get corrupt over? Her fake body weh nuh look good? Girl, try again. The only feelings me did a carry a the fact say she take me name and go everywhere inna di media wid it. And now she can’t even use the name. A karma a reach her,” said Chin.

Chin admitted to taking aim at the Control Button singer last year, but said the attempt at a lyrical confrontation fell through.

“Inna 2015, I did a song name Touch Me Now. Same time Gully Bop did a rise up outta the gully. The video wid him go viral and at the same time dat did a happen, there was some nude pictures of me circulating on the Internet and so I had a buzz. It start circulate say Gully Bop a date KipRich babymother Miss Chin. She know she nuh name Miss Chin and she take me name and go Onstage, Entertainment Report, everyweh. Of course, me did a feel a way, she run wid me name and get fame from it,” she said.

But Chin insists that incident was ages ago and she has long got past it.

However, she believes that Chin still has not got the break she needs to make it in the industry, and even lacks a hit song.

“She need fi leave out me name outta her mouth cuz me head sick,” she said.

Source: Miss Chin fires back at Shauna Controlla – Says entertainer should stop trying to ‘look a hype’ by calling her name | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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