Marion Hall, Aka Lady Saw, Details Scary Experience In Flight

Lady Saw aka Marion HallMarion Hall, former dancehall queen Lady Saw, recently had an in-flight scare.

The gospel singer posted a video on her Facebook page recently where she details a scary experience she had during a flight in the Caribbean last week. In her video, Marion Hall revealed that she and her crew were traveling via a small single engine plane when the incident took placed while the aircraft was in the air. She said that the pilot had a hard time closing the plane door before taking off and that had bothered her and her crew.

Hall also revealed that they might’ve been saved by a prayer she did before taking off at the airport. During the flight, the door flew open almost sucking everyone outside of the small jet.

“At that moment, I shouted at the pilot to ‘turn around land it!’” Saw said. “I thought about the 10 minutes that our manager told me the flight would last [to Anguilla] and I held that door till my hand hurt, and as we are about to land, we see where the top part of the door was coming back down as we about to land.”

The former dancehall queen says that the devil didn’t want her to go do God’s work.

Source: Marion Hall, aka Lady Saw, Details Scary Experience In Flight – Urban Islandz

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