Japanese Selector Bad Gyal Marie Achieves Life-Long Dream – Eyes Irish And Chin’s World Clash Following Boom Clash Victory

Image result for bad gyal MarieMarie Sano and her crew from Notorious International are the 2019 winners of the annual Boom All-Star Sound Clash. After an intense competition, they were crowned champions and walked away with $1 million in cash for their effort.

The competition wrapped up about three weeks ago, but the Japan-born selector Sano, who goes by the moniker Bad Gyal Marie, is still on cloud nine. She told THE WEEKEND STAR that it has always been her dream to establish her own sound system and compete in clashes.

Last year, Notorious International made their clash debut at the Guinness Sounds of Greatness. Bad Gyal Marie said her team did well but did not win a title. Despite this, she said that her team still gained fans.

“I entered the Guinness sound clash. That was the first clash I entered, and we really really gwaan good, but we never get a title. Boom clash persons came to Guinness clash, and they really liked how we performed, so we get a chance to go on Boom clash this year,” she said.

“It (Boom clash) was a really good experience. I never really expect to win, but I feel like I have to win, so I tried my best and put more entertainment in it. I watch Boom clash all the time, and so we put together our package, costume and everything. We had, like six rounds at the clash, and each round I just focus on what I can do. After they announced that we won, that’s when I free up my mind. I am really happy about the win.”

Image result for bad gyal MarieThe selector explained that having gained more than 10 years of experience in the sound system culture, she knew she had to approach the Boom clash with an air of difference.

“I wanted to show dem a new kind of clash. Boom clash is kind of young crowd, and the clash thing is usually where selectors play a lot of vintage artistes and vintage tunes. I respect old tunes and foundation, of course, but I wanted to put something different on the clash. Now is 2019, and there are young people at these clashes. So we mix new tune wid the old tune. For example, we voice a new artiste, Chronic Law, on a old rhythm, and it win.”

Related imageNow that she and her team have dipped their feet in the clash pool, Bad Gyal Marie said Notorious International will be setting their sights on Irish and Chin’s World Clash series.

“I wanna go on a next clash. I wanna go overseas now. I want to go to war in like the Irish and Chin World Clash. That’s where all the big sound system compete, and that’s where we wanna go,” she said.

Source: Japanese selector Bad Gyal Marie achieves life-long dream – Eyes Irish and Chin’s World Clash following Boom clash victory | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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