Jahmiel Expects Debut Album To Be ‘Great’

Image result for JahmielHe has been talking about its release since last year, but come next month, dancehall artiste Jahmiel will drop his long-awaited debut album.

The entertainer told THE WEEKEND STAR that although it may seem long overdue, this is the perfect time to release his album, Greatman.

“It’s long overdue. I’ve been telling my fans that I’m going to release an album years now, but we got caught up inna other things – tours and dem thing deh,” he said.

“People always a ask me when so dem can have sup’m inna hand, and now is the time because I see where I have a lot of fans worldwide. I think I have the time now to give the fans a complete album. It has been a great journey. I loved being in the studio. Right now, I’m very pleased with the outcome of the songs, so I can’t wait for the fans to receive it.”

Jahmiel said that the album will show off his versatility as an artiste as it will be filled with songs on a number of topics.


“The album is definitely gonna be a great one. It’s produced by two professionals I’ve had great chemistry with over the years – DJ Frass and Chimney Records. It’s going to consist of 12 songs. Jahmiel is known for the deep messages, the positive messages, so you can definitely expect that, and the ladies dem love me, so we have songs for the ladies. So expect some up tempo, feel-good music. Me have music for everyone, a variety of music. This album will not be one dimensional,” he said.

Having spent more than a year working on the project, Jahmiel has high expectations.

Image result for Jahmiel“For me, there’s no limit. Memba a me say live without limits, so I have no boundaries for this album. It’s beyond the sky. You can’t expect results without doing anything. I put in the work, so anything that comes with doing good music is good with me. If a Grammy comes about, the Billboards, any kind of award, it is what it is,” he said.

As soon as the album is released, Jahmiel said that he would be including some of those songs in his performances.

In addition to the album, Jahmiel is working on a collaboration with Alkaline and Mavado. He did not go into details about the track, but he promised that it would be hot.

Source: Jahmiel expects debut album to be ‘great’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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