Ryno Disses Khago After Baby Mama Drama

Blak Ryno did an interview recently whereby he spoke about his music stop being played, death rumours, sending money to Jamaica and falling out with fellow deejay khago.

What are some of the things you would want people to know about Blak Ryno? Ryno replied saying “Mi will neva kill mi self” after which everyone in the studio burst out in a laugh, this is Ryno responding to people who said he recently faked his death. “Mi tun wollep a youth inna millionaire”, “di people dem a judge me wrongfully cause mi lef gaza” said Blak Ryno.

Ryno also stated that he sends money back home to help put together events.

Lack of Music
Ryno States that right after he left Gaza and parted ways with Vybz Kartel his music stops getting air-play, “a di media a duh dem ting yah to mi” , Ryno went on to state that top stations in Jamaica such as Zip Fm and Irie Fm dont want to play his music because there is a block on his music, Ryno went on to explain that he’s just playing fool with wise people.

Dissing Khago
“di man carry di pum pum feelings pan social media”,”a pussy that man” Ryno states that he had a brief relationship with Khago’s baby mother. “when me and the girl a deal, mi neva know seh a did yo baby madda, mi neva know seh him used to fuck it…” Ryno explains that Khago is carrying feeling. Ryno also stated that Khago’s baby mother approached him and not the other way around.

“mi a tell yo why mi cah deal wi dah pussy deh… mi get two show and the promotor dem call mi an seh yuh know a really Khago wi book but the people like yo suh we ago book yo… him tell di people dem seh if Ryno deh pan di show mi nah guh” Ryno explains that Khago called him after the matter as if everything was ok.

Ryno also stated that had he know that the girl was Khago’s baby mother he would not have had sex with her.

New Music, Ryno posted this video on his IG a couple of days ago addressing his death rumours and more.

“Dem a tell one bag a lie a spread rumours”

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