Ishawna Targeted By Scammers – Here’s What They Are Doing

Ishawna is the latest Dancehall entertainer to be a victim of scammers.

While fake pages are usually created by criminals to defraud unsuspected Dancehall fans and selector promising them dubplates and jingles, the “Equal Rights” singer’s case is very unique.

On Monday, Ishawna revealed that a fake Instagram account was setup and has been messaging her fans promising them nude photos in exchange of cash, $3 USD for unlimited access to an alleged website with explicit photos of the entertainer.

“I told myself that i wasn’t going to address this but everybody keep messaging me and it’s annoying AF!!,” Ishawna wrote under a screenshot. “This is NOT ME it’s obviously a FAKE PAGE [Tags page] I swear some people just idle and don’t have nothing to do with them time pon earth.”

“Some of unu need fi guh suck unu mada and stop antagonize people kmt! And to everybody messaging me, it’s 2019 please to use common sense!!! REPORT THIS NUISANCE PLEASE & THANKS,” Ishawna continued.

Source: Ishawna Targeted By Scammers – Here’s What They Are Doing | The Tropixs

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