George Nooks Threatens Lawsuit – Artiste Home After Being Grabbed By Narcotics Police

The attorney for veteran reggae singer George Nooks says he will be suing the State for false imprisonment.

The artiste, who insisted that “everything is okay” was taken into police custody last Friday by members of the police narcotics team.

“He was arrested in Lane Plaza, in Liguanea, and taken to the Narcotics headquarters and put under police guard for 24 hours at the Kingston Public Hospital until Sunday afternoon,” the artiste’s attorney Tom Tavares-Finson said Nooks was released on Sunday.

“His vehicle was searched, he has not been charged nor interrogated, I don’t know what all of this is about. We’re looking to file a lawsuit for false arrest. I never see nothing like this yet,” he said.

The police yesterday said that the singer was taken into custody during an operation. They said that he was interviewed, and investigations are ongoing.

George Nooks, who was at home when The STAR contacted him via telephone yesterday, sought to assure fans that he is doing well amid claims that he was under police guard at the hospital after allegedly ingesting cocaine.

“Some people have some misinformation of whatever, and everything is okay and I am good. Some people make mistakes and it will be taken care of, it’s gonna be taken care of, trust me, and I’m just gonna leave it right there,” he said.

“People make some mistakes and it’s gonna be taken care of,” he repeated.

The embattled entertainer did not wish to say what he meant by ‘mistakes’, and asked that all other questions be posed to Tavares-Finson.

Image result for George NooksThe lawyer rubbished claims that his client swallowed a cocaine capsule when he was accosted by the cops.

“I don’t know nothing about nobody swallowing nothing, that is all rubbish, that’s total rubbish. If him swallow a cocaine capsule him nuh woulda dead? That is rubbish,” he said.

Tavares-Finson is representing Nooks, who is currently facing a 2017 drug possession charge. As it relates to that matter, the police said that on May 5, 2017, the singer was spotted by an anti-narcotics team in Duhaney Park, St Andrew, acting in a suspicious manner. He was accosted and a bag he was carrying contained approximately two ounces of cocaine.

Formerly known as Prince Mohammed, Nooks attained prominence in the 1970s and is known for tracks like Forty Leg Dread, Tribal War and gospel covers like God is Standing By and Bridge Over Troubled W ater .

Source: George Nooks threatens lawsuit – Artiste home after being grabbed by narcotics police | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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