Foota Hype Diss Shenseea Over Viral Photos Konshens Clap Back

Foota Hype and Konshens beefFoota Hype fired off some scathing remarks against Shenseea after she posted a photo of herself and another woman in bed.

Konshens is now firing back at Foota Hype over his blatant hypocrisy. “A this dancehall gone to a this she pick disappointed is not even the word,” Foota wrote. In a lengthy post, Konshens blast the sound system selector.

“Dis jus ironic @footahypemusic from mi see dah picture deh post mi a wait fi see u attack,” the Subkonshus deejay wrote. “But look how God and Bible work fi unnu now. Pan her post weh yuh no like u wrath an say “GOD AGGO FUCK UP DI WHOLE A UNNU”,u hurt deep cah u God fearing and that is not Godly etc. but mi scroll to the very next ting pan mi timeline a woman a seh man fi have side chick (Your God and Your bible say that is ADULTERY). But look what your comment was. ‘GOD IS TALKING THRU MONIQUE’”

Foota Hype also responded to some of Shenseea fans who pushed back against his attack on the female dancehall star. “Go s**k u mother that me a tell u di whole a unu a some big stinking dutty lesbian God ago f*** up di whole a unu just wait,” Foota commented.


Source: Foota Hype Diss Shenseea Over Viral Photos Konshens Clap Back – Urban Islandz

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