Dexta Daps Goes Viral With Another Raunchy Performance

Dexta Daps strikes again!

The Dancehall entertainer is making rounds on social media after yet another raunchy performance.

In the “Owner” singer’s latest stint, Daps can be seen dry-humping a female fan on the floor during his recent performance in Tampa, Florida.

The Dancehall sex symbol is now calling his raunchy performances the “Dexta Daps Sexperience.”

Last month Dexta Daps went viral after uploading NSFW videos performing with a female fan as they two engage in explicit dry-humping.

It all started when Dexta Daps invited the female on stage during his set. shortly after she touched the stage, the woman quickly began to remove the top half of her romper, exposing her breasts.

Dexta Daps continued to perform while caressing the half-naked woman as she grinds on him, sending the audience into a frenzy.

Source: Dexta Daps Goes Viral With Another Raunchy Performance | The Tropixs

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