Charly Black On Releasing First Album +Universal Deal

Image result for charly blackDancehall News, The Country Boy from Trelawny appears onstageTV to talk about his new music and more.

Charly Black hit big back in 2015 with “Party Animal”, the music video for the song as rocked up over 80million views on youtube. Charly states that party animal brought him fans from around the world especially females.

New music deal at Universal Records. Charly explains that his deal is a two album deal and he is set to release the first album this summer.

New song to be released this Friday called “Happy Zone”, Black states that this will be the second songs off his now finished album. New song with Sean Paul to be released in June “song and visual one time” he states.

“happy happy happy i just wanna be happy yeah” a line from his new song Happy Zone.

Charly explains cutting shows and hand picking the right producers to work with on his upcoming debut album.

Black promises his fans that they won’t be disappointed with his new album.“we just finish a big big song on the album” he confirmed without telling who the artiste is.

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