Album Reviews: Shaggy – Wah Gwaan?!

shaggy.jpgShaggy’s “Boombastic” days are a distant memory on Wah Gwaan?!. While the artist may frequently recount raucous encounters with women on the new record, the 14 tracks mark a dramatic change for the former Mr Lover Lover. Gone are the laid back jams of “It Wasn’t Me” and “Angel”, replaced with overproduced and derivative pop songs that are desperate to squeeze onto one of your Spotify account’s party playlists.

Take the album’s opening track, “Caribbean Way”, which is built on a techno beat that stabs your eardrums. It’s an abrasive beginning that’s completely at odds with the second track “When She Loves Me” – a relaxed ode to a female partner that’s one of the few occasions Shaggy has fun on the record.

Track three, “You”, takes another turn, with Shaggy attempting to create a dancefloor anthem: all steelpan drums, heavily manipulated vocal samples and a chorus as basic as they come (Alexander Stewart, of YouTube fame, sings “All I see is you, you, you, you, you, you”). As Shaggy repeats this refrain, he sounds as bored as the listener.

Source: Album reviews: Shaggy – Wah Gwaan?! and Collard – Unholy | The Independent

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