Yanique Curvy Diva Trolled For Saying She’s 100% Real

Image result for Yanique Curvy DivaDancehall fans trolled Yanique Curvy Diva recently for saying her booty was one 100% real.

The media vixen, television personality-turned-recording artiste is notorious for allegedly have done work on her booty and boob implants however i guess she’s now confusing the enemy.

Image result for Yanique Curvy DivaLast week the “Lifestyle” singer uploaded a video shaking her booty and made it clear that its real. “PSA it’s real, it grows and it can lose weight it feels really good to squeeze and slap but please nuh slap mi suh hot and with carnival coming up where I’ll be wearing less clothes and turning up 10 times more duh tek time,” Yanique wrote under the clip.

Image result for Yanique Curvy DivaAs expected social media users when off in the comments, “KMT,” Outspoken Dancehall selector Foota Hype wrote.

“Y u want fool people bout it real like I’m not being rude but we all know it fake and there is no reason to lie …we already know OK so plz stop saying its real,” one fan wrote.

Another fan continued by saying, “Sigh! I like you yanique and I don’t normally post if it’s not something positive but please see this as constructive criticism. You don’t need to be acting like this to be relevant or trending, there is something known as bad publicity. Everybody is doing their body and acting slutty these days, do something different and live up to your philosophy “Diva with a purpose”.”

Source: Yanique Curvy Diva Trolled For Saying She’s 100% Real | The Tropixs

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