Wonderful Sounds From Tony Anthony

Originally recorded by Tom Jones in 1969, That Wonderful Sound has always been popular in Jamaica. The oft-covered song’s latest reggae remake comes courtesy of singer Tony Anthony.

Co-produced by the Toronto-based Anthony and Ifield Joseph, it is released by Anthony’s Phylani Music label. He said the song has been a favourite for years.

“As a child growing up in Grove Farm, St Catherine, on Sundays my mother would play the popular songs of that time while she did her house chores. Tom Jones was one of her favourite singers,” Anthony told the Jamaica Observer, “ That Wonderful Sound and the rest of his music was a staple in our house. I sang all those songs with her. When I started recording as an artiste, that song was always on the list of songs I planned to make a version of.”

In March, he finally put his spin on Jones’s 50-year-old classic which was mixed and mastered by the father-son team of Willie and Kashief Lindo of Heavy Beat Records in Fort Lauderdale.

That Wonderful Sound was a Sunday afternoon radio standard in Jamaica. It has been covered by singer Dobby Dobson, while Dalton Harris sang it during his successful X Factor campaign last year.

Anthony has big plans for his version.

Image result for tony anthony reggae artist“I am currently working on my third album, slated to be released in late summer this year; this album will include several classic songs of the past,” he said. “That Wonderful Sound has always been one of my favourites, so I thought it would be fitting to release it as the first single.”

Tony Anthony (real name Mark Bennett) is a veteran of Canadian reggae. He migrated to Canada in 1992 after an 11-year run as guitarist/singer with the Crucial Vibes Band.

His career in Toronto started with After Dark, a rhythm and blues group. Going solo, Anthony returned to his reggae roots and has recorded a number of well-received songs including Yuh Nuh Simple and I’m Going to Try And Change The World.

Source: Wonderful Sounds from Tony Anthony

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