Woman in Dexta Daps Viral Video Responds To Dancehall Critics

The woman who went viral with Dexta Daps last week has sought to address the videos.

In a lengthy social media post, the lady addressed social media users blasting her raunchy performance with Daps.

The NSFW videos show the “Owner” singer performing with her as they two engage in explicit dry-humping, however Lydia Harrison said she was not forced to take off her clothes on stage and critics are behaving like she was having sex, “If i chose to take off my clothes it should be my problem,” she wrote. “Why unu pick it up on unu head bout [i have no] ambition.”

It all started when Dexta Daps invited Harrison on stage during his set last weekend. Shortly after she touched the stage, she quickly began to remove the top half of her romper, exposing her breasts.

“It’s my body, my life, and how me wah behave depends on me, so i don’t need a supervisor or a next right hand cause God already gave me one,” she wrote.

Image result for dexta daps in concertShe continued by saying she enjoyed herself and if persons don’t have anything good to say they should just scroll pass her video, “If it’s degrading stop watch it over and over again if you think so.”

Dexta Daps posted the videos on his Instagram account last week however they were both reported and deleted by IG after racking up almost 100,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Source: Woman in Dexta Daps Viral Video Responds To Dancehall Critics | The Tropixs

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