Tarrus Riley To Launch Clothing Line

Related imageTarrus Riley is getting ready to launch his T-shirt and hat line, the proceeds of which he says will go towards charity.

“People see me on the road and on social media and they have been asking for T-shirts with the ‘simple blessings’ because it’s the people’s song,” Riley told The STAR. Simple Blessings, featuring Konshens is one of the reggae singer’s high impact songs. He describes it as “a universal theme that the world can translate to their daily lives.”

“No matter how high up in society you are, how average your daily routines are, it’s the simple tings that are your blessings. They love it (the song) and they want to wear it,” Riley said.

The She’s Royal singer said that the T-shirts will be stylish and appealing to fans of all ages.

Image result for tarrus riley“I wanted it to be as hip for the children of this generation to wear but also appropriate enough for my original fans as well. And even if you are not a Tarrus Riley fan, you will still be able to relate to the positive messages. We have some T-shirts and hats. We wanted to express positive things on the shirts just like my music. Some will say #Let’slive ,#simpleblessings ,’Simple Tings A Yuh Blessings’ and so on. The merchandise will be for everyone.”

Riley joins a growing list of Jamaican entertainers who have established clothing line. Koshens, back in 2013, launched a shoe line called ‘Konz 876’. He followed it up with Konshens Clothing.

Alkaline has his “Vendetta” inspired T-shirts, Shaggy has released a line dubbed Rae Town Apparel, and Cocoa Tea is set to release his CocoRobics apparel line.

“Every artiste can, and should, expand their brands and offerings in their unique ways. That’s their legacy,” Riley said.

“All of my proceeds will go towards charity. It wasn’t a money making venture.

It is just something to make people have a piece of my music while I’m on tour, in their gift shops, when they travel, and in the airports, to buy as gifts for

Source: Tarrus Riley to launch clothing line | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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