Spice Ends Beef With Marvin The Beast

Spice has seemingly ended her longtime beef with popular dancer, Marvin The Beast.

The Queen of Dancehall gave the Beast an endorsement on social media earlier this week when she uploaded a video of him dancing with her Team Spice dancers, Marvin was also tagged in the post.

“Oh my marvin get a shout out 👏🏾👏🏾😅😅😅,” one fan wrote. “Mi glad fi see you Marvin back inna your good books hopefully you and D’Angel can be friends again, i love you Spice keep growing,” another one wrote.

Last year Spice insulted Marvin The Beast during her interview with Thisis50, when the “Romantic Mood” singer was asked to explain the raunchy stunts performed in Jamaica the dancer she pretended she didn’t know who he was.

“What is up with Marvin the dancer? Why does he do all of these things? I see him climbing on top of trees,” the interviewer asked, to which Spice responded, “Who is that? I don’t know him.”

“It’s a brown skin guy. He hangs from trees and he dances and humps the girl and he hangs from railing,” the interviewer continued. However, Spice was adamant that she had never met him.

Source: Spice Ends Beef With Marvin The Beast | The Tropixs

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