Spice And Mimi Faust Argue Over Skin Bleaching On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Spice and Mimi Faust got into a heated argument on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta over her skin bleaching and colorism campaign.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll remember last year when the Dancehall entertainer made headlines after uploading a light-skinned photo on social media to promote her “Black Hypocrisy” track.

While Spice tricked fans into thinking she bleached her skin to raise awareness, her stunt received some backlash.

On LHHATL season 8, Mimi invited the “Romantic Mood” singer to the historic Sweet Auburn district where black people marched for equality in the civil rights era. “I invited Spice to the Sweet Auburn district today,” Faust said. “It’s rich with history, all about the Civil Rights movement. People here fought and died to be considered equal. I want Spice to know she shouldn’t have to change the colour of her skin to be accepted.”

In the cut, Spice explained “Black Hypocrisy” movement to Mimi, “I believe that some, not all, some black people are very hypocritical.”

Spice then touched on black women who straighten their hair, “Black hypocrisy is not just about your skin colour,” Spice said. “It’s also your hair texture, and I think a lot of people need to know that.” Mimi then hit back saying that most of them are still promoting the fact that “black is beautiful” but Spice wasn’t having it.

“But you’re taking out the reality,” said Spice to Mimi. “Nobody wants to talk about it. But me, going through it as a darker skin, I feel like I need to use my platform to talk about it. Not everybody is strong enough to take the bashing.”

After claiming that society has put in place a system that makes it easier for lighter-skinned women to succeed in the world, Mimi Faust loses her cool, saying that the people who are really on her side are going to think she’s selling out. Spice fights back by reminding Mimi that she has lighter skin, noting that she has more privilege than her.

Source: Spice and Mimi Faust Argue Over Skin Bleaching On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta | The Tropixs

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