Shenseea Reminds Dancehall That She’s a “Freaky Gyal”

While performing at Aidonia’s Birthday Celebration a couple of days ago Shenseea reminds the crowd and everybody else what type of girl she is.

After singing a couple of her hit songs ‘wull up.. Wull aaan pan it ” Shenseea stops the riddim to ask this “Any freaky gal deh yah?” after which she went on to big up the birthday boy Aidonia “happy belated birthday to mi general Aidonia big up yo self..” then she went on to say “mek mi talk to mi ladies me is a freaky gal”, “me like when me a have sex and me man strangle me and tie me up like goat… mek all when we inna April me a ball out mayyyyy” to which the females screamed and hyped her up even more.

Her next song was “Strangle me and tie me up” after which she calls up her “brother” Teejay onstage.

Image result for shenseeaThis is nothing new as several months ago Shenseea made a post online stating that she loves to do oral sex “i love to suck d1ck” she stated. It must be noted that shenseea is the only top female dancehall to openly talk about her love for oral sex, other from Lisa Hyper and in Lisa Hyper’s case she had no other option but to go along with the flow as she had a leaked pick online of herself performing Oral sex.

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