Sean Paul’s Pregnant Wife, Jinx, Feeling Sexy On The Road

Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques, the wife of dancehall superstar Sean Paul, is pregnant but she is nonetheless chipping down the road with the Xaymaca International band.

Speaking with The STAR, Jinx, who is in the Aphrodites section of the band, said she knows how to pace herself on the road.

“I did have some reservations (about coming on the road) because I know some people can be very ignorant and very judgemental. Somebody already asked me to make sure I don’t get the baby sick, which is absolutely impossible. I have to be careful and I’m aware of that. I’m coming off the road early this year, and if things get too hectic, I can always go on the trucks,” she said.

Jinx said putting on her costume this morning gave her a sexy, empowering feeling that made her confident about being on the road.

“I’m feeling good, heavy, but healthy and good. Being here is not a matter of carnival being important, it’s just something that I want to do. I really love carnival, and this year I can do it without the liquor. I enjoyed dressing up this morning, looking in the mirror and feeling sexy. I feed off the energy of everybody around me having fun, and just enjoying themselves,” she said.

Source: Sean Paul’s pregnant wife, Jinx, feeling sexy on the road | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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