Reggae Singer George Nooks Arrested On Suspicion Of Drugs

George NooksReggae singer George Nooks was arrested last weekend.

The veteran singer was scooped up by cops in St. Andrew on Friday and taken into custody at the Narcotics headquarters on Spanish Town Road. George Nooks was then released from custody on Sunday without any charges. His attorney Tom Tavares-Finson is threatening to sue the state for false arrest. The story even gets more bizarre after the police report became public.

According to law enforcement, Nooks was arrested because cops found a capsule which allegedly contained a substance believed to be cocaine. Law enforcement says that the singer threw away the capsule when police officers approached him.

“On Friday evening, Nooks was inexplicably arrested, he was taken to the Narcotics headquarters on Spanish Town Road and kept there until Sunday afternoon and released after his vehicle was searched without charge,” Tavares-Finson said. “We are in the process of filing suit for false arrest, this is definitely something we have to consider.”

Police also reported that while the singer was at the police station, he took the capsule from a desk and ingested whatever was inside of it. He was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital as a precaution.

In 2017, Nooks was arrested after cops say they searched a bag he was carrying and found cocaine. He was arrested and charged with breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act, and later released on an $80,000 bond.

Source: Reggae Singer George Nooks Arrested On Suspicion Of Drugs – Urban Islandz

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